Is What You Get...What You Pay For With Micro-pigmentation?

While having a permanent cosmetic procedure (“cosmetic tattooing”) isn’t that expensive, it isn’t exactly “cheap” either. In the long run, when you consider the cost of high quality, over-the-counter cosmetics and add in the value of your time you save by avoiding that ritual of applying cosmetics everyday, the benefits outweigh the costs. That is, if you go to a professional.

When it comes to having something on your face that will be “permanent”, don’t you want to be sure that you aren’t just getting a practitioner who learned cosmetic tattooing by watching her cousin tattoo someone in her kitchen or from youtube. A typical professional micro-pigmentation professional spends an average of over $30,000 for their initial education. They also continue with advanced education and renew their OSHA certificate and license every year.

Getting the best “deal” may likely result in getting an inferior piece of work. You would be wise to choose a professional who has been formally trained in micro-pigmentation. Someone who is experienced and licensed by the County/State Board of Health. Someone who has a visible tattoo permit prominently displayed in their facility (which, is the law in North Carolina). Choose someone who practices aseptic procedures and someone who is certificated by OSHA standards.

While permanent make-up artists are indeed tattoo artists, they are specialized in what they do. They are skilled artisans when it comes to professionally applying permanent makeup and they understand the way that different colors, tones and shades work with different types and colors of skin and ethnicities. They take into consideration many factors including lifestyle, realistic client expectations, face shape, (if applicable), past and planned plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements, age of scars, health, etc. A legitimate, permanent cosmetic artist will have spent a great deal of time and money to get the proper, formal and legitimate education and licenses required to provide you with an aesthetic result that you want.

So, when considering where to go to for your cosmetic tattoo, be sure to do your homework. Ask where the practitioner did their training. Ask if the permanent cosmetic artist is accredited by one of the industry trade associations like AAM, SPCP or CPCP. Ask to see their portfolio of before and after photos. Ask what type of art background they have because there is just as much “art” skill to this profession as there is para-medical knowledge.

By law, in the state of NC, anyone who practices permanent cosmetics, which includes micro-blading or any other procedure implanting ink or pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. You MUST have a permit issued by the county Board of Health and it MUST be prominently displayed at their place of business.

You can check to see if a permanent cosmetic artist or business is operating in good standing or has any violations by going to the North Carolina Department of Health’s website for Public Health Inspections by going to the following location:

There are many possible outcomes when it comes to your permanent cosmetics. You will generally get the best outcome possible when visiting a reputable and professional artist. A trained professional artist will take the time assess and discuss realistic expectations so that a great final result is achieved.