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At Charlotte Dermal Arts, we offer 3-D Areola Re-pigmentation, Scar Revision for burns, trauma, surgical scars, cleft palates, and solutions for Alopecia (SMP) for small patches of missing hair or over hair transplant scars. We also offer non-laser tattoo removal on areas smaller than 3" x 3".

caucasian woman removing an eyebrow tatt


Photo is not my brow work!

During removal treatment the pigment will change color, flake and peel

Charlotte Dermal Arts offers non-laser tattoo removal. We use a gentle saline based solution. It may take up to five treatments or more. Our goal with brows is to get it light enough to cover and correct. With the invention of Internet, you would think that an unwanted tattoo is as easy to remove as snapping your fingers. The truth is, it is fairly difficult to remove a tattoo or shall we say lighten it. Once you have a tattoo, whether you choose laser, saline or acid removal, you will always have residual pigment in the skin. Your skin will never be restored to it's original state. No matter how many treatments you have. That is why you should educate yourself before you are talked into a procedure by someone that does not have the proper training.  About 40% of the the procedures performed in my office are correcting another technicians work that has not had the proper training. Sometimes it is near impossible to correct. That is why it is called "Permanent Makeup". You must have realistic expectations.

DRY NEEDLING  •  Collagen Induction Therapy

Burns, acne scars,  non-raised hypertrophic scars, hyper-pigmentation, hair loss and surgical/trauma scars are just some of the conditions that can have a positive outcome using Micro-needling/channeling. This procedure promotes collagen production by using ultra thin needles that cause slight trauma to the skin, and promotes smoother, tighter skin. These micro-injuries  stimulate a natural healing response, which leads to the creation of new collagen. 

Micro-needling requires virtually no downtime because it does not disturb the outer-most layer of skin, while promoting healing and growth in the layers below. One of the benefits is that it can be done on most skin types. 

Winning The Struggle.jpg


Customized For Your Needs

Once your physician has completed reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, the final procedure is the areola/nipple re-pigmentation. Our 3-D derma-pigmentation procedure and scar revision treatment can help restore the appearance of a natural breast and areola. It may be beneficial to have a consultation with us prior to your surgery, after your treatment protocol has been established with your physician. We can document your pre-surgery aesthetic of your breast so we have a base line to move forward with after your surgery is completed.

Advanced 3-D micropigmentation is also beneficial for loss of natural areola/nipple color due to to breast augmentation.


Closeup of woman belly with a scar from a cesarean section


A red raised scar (pictured above) can be improved with the scar revision procedure.

Physical scars on the body often leave worse emotional scars.

Scar revision can have a profound impact on the appearance of all types of scars, whether it be from a surgical procedure, facelift, C-section, tummy tuck, trauma or a burn source. Scar revision is intended to provide  a flatter, less-red appearance so they become less noticeable. This treatment is sometimes necessary before re-pigmentation can be completed on breast tissue or on brows that have been improperly micro-bladed  in order to retain pigment.

Realistic Expectations of micropigmentation procedures are very important. Micropigmentation can have a significant improvement on an injury, scar, your self image and your spirit. It is important for you to understand that this procedure does not guarantee you will completely and instantly remove all visible signs of the previous skin injury or scar.


You must have realistic expectations.

Autoimmune total alopecia men portrait.jpg


The Difference You’re Looking For

We can cosmetically improve the effects caused by alopecia. Permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and small patches of hair loss can aesthetically be improved with our procedures, including SMP. This procedure is beneficial for men and women affected by alopecia. Permanent eyebrows are designed with small individual needles to replicate individual hairs. A 3-D brow procedure can look very realistic. You won't ever have to worry about going to the gym or the pool and your eyebrows or makeup coming off or smearing.

Girl Behind a Sheet


Truly Exceptional Results

Camouflage micropigmentation can be a solution for covering skin where pigment has changed color or lost it's natural pigmentation. Once your doctor clears you for a scar revision, 3-D areola re-pigmentation, or camouflage procedure, we can begin the treatment. Please see before/after gallery for actual client transformations.

This areola is on a completely flat surface. Size, color and texture will be determined by existing areola or by client's wishes. Each client is treated as a unique individual.

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