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As we age, we loose definition, shape and color in our lips. We can address all of these issues by implanting a natural color or vivid color to your lips. Permanent lip color is not a replacement for injectables, as we cannot make the lips larger than what you natural lip already is. We can make minor adjustments to the shape but we only place pigment in your lip tissue, not in the surrounding skin.

Permanent make-up has an added benefit. You will no longer have to deal with "lipstick bleed".

Very dark lips are difficult to pigment. They tend to affect the color fastness because of the cool blue/purple undertones.

We also offer Medical Tattoo procedures for lip trauma caused by an accident, cleft palate or surgery.


Additional "color boost" appointments may be required depending on lip vascularity and pigment retention.

If you have ever had Herpes breakouts (cold sores), you will be required to obtain an anti-viral medication from your medical physician or dentist. If you have a breakout, you may not retain any of the color from the procedure.

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