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Save Valuable Time With Your Daily Make-Up Routine!

You Deserve Extra Time For Yourself!

Permanent eyelash enhancement is a subtle way to give your eyes a more open appearance. With permanent eyelash enhancement,  pigment is implanted between lashes along the lash line, which will give your lashes a thicker and more full appearance. Perfect for the woman that does not want a noticeable line above or below their lashes for a more natural look. Permanent enhancement will softly define your eyes without being too bold. I only offer lash enhancement on the upper eyelid. In my opinion, if you line both the upper and the lower it can actually make your eyes look smaller and closed in. All lash enhancement clients are required to have a consultation first to determine if you are a good candidate for the service. Clients using lash enhancement serums may not be a good candidate and will have discontinue lash enhancement products prior to service.

Approximate appointment times for above procedures so you may plan accordingly. 

Consultation if needed - 30 minutes

2nd Appointment - Initial Procedure - 2 1/2 - 3  hours

Perfecting Visit -if needed (4 - 8 weeks after Initial Procedure) - 1 hour

An appointment is required for all procedures.  

Office hours are Tuesdays and  Thursdays  from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM. 

We kindly ask that you do not bring children with you to ensure their safety and your privacy.


Please give at least 48 hours notice for a cancellation. A missed appointment will be charged $150.

If you are over 20 minutes late and I have another client scheduled after you, we will have to reschedule.


You can make a dramatic difference in your appearance with a natural, well-balanced permanent eyebrow designed specifically for your facial features. Well-designed brows can give your eyes a lift and give you a more youthful appearance. As an added bonus, you save time not having to draw your brows on everyday. 


We do not subscribe to the one-brow-fits-all formula. We will assess (together) all individual variables and assist you in choosing a hair stroke brow, ombre brow, and/or powder brow, depending what is right for you. We will choose a shape and color and you will have the opportunity to approve every variable before the procedure is started.

We offer brow correction for a variety of reasons, examples include: fading over time, wrong color choice for skin tones, unflattering shape, work done by poorly trained technicians, etc. I am trained in brow correction if that procedure is desired or deemed necessary. However, please keep in mind that you must have realistic expectations. I have a process to remove a brow or liner that needs correction, but it takes time and patience. You are unique and I cannot guess or guarantee what your individual results will be. We will evaluate on a case by case basis and discuss a plan that is right for you. I use a non-laser method of correction. It may take several appointments over several months to get the desired results before new brows can be successfully applied.

Permanent Cosmetics/Make-Up are permanent. No matter what someone tells you about microblading or permanent brows being semi-permanent or temporary, the pigment is placed between the epidermal and the dermal layer of your skin. It will eventually fade but, there will always be pigment in your skin.


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